Capability Positioning SystemTM

PRISM Capability Positioning SystemTM is the Results Consulting online 360 degree feedback system specifically designed in Canberra to meet the leadership development needs of the Australian Public Service.

System features

The PRISM online 360° assessment instrument:

  • addresses leadership capability requirements of APS Executive Levels (EL) 1 & 2 and Senior Executive Service (SES) bands 1,2 & 3.
  • is based on the recently released Australian Public Service Commission’s Integrated Leadership System (ILS) behaviours
  • produces a comprehensive 50 page report, including suggestions for development options that are sensitive to the results achieved
  • uses attractive sliding response scales that are quick and easy to complete
  • allows comparisons with groups within the department or agency or with executives at the same level across the APS as a whole
  • assures confidentiality of respondents through an external, secure data storage environment
  • requires only the use of standard email and internet browser – no specialist IT applications needed.

A PRISMTM demonstration model is available at the address below. Simply click on the link and follow the prompts to complete the sample assessment questionnaire.
(This link will take you out of the Results web site. Please use the back key on your browser tool bar to return to the Results website.)

PRISM’s behavioural questions and assessments have been developed by a registered Organisational Psychologist.

Range of applications

The PRISM Capability Positioning SystemTM may be also be customised to meet the unique capability standards of your organisation.  The System can be used as a traditional organisation-wide 360 degree program or:

  • as the introductory component of any leadership or management program allowing participants to identify their individual development needs
  • as a behavioural evaluation of development programs at the highest level of the Kirkpatrick model
  • as a staff survey tool

PRISMTM enquiries may be directed to:

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