Bruce Austin

Bruce is a social and organisational psychologist with over 35 years' experience working and consulting to private, public and community organisations. He has taught Business Communication, Strategic Human Resources Management and Organisational Psychology at Queensland University of Technology. He has the following qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Double Major Psychology) - Postgraduate Honours Degree Psychology - Registered Psychologist and Member of the following - Australian Psychological Society - Australian Psychodrama Association - Action Learning, Action Research Association and Associate Fellow Australian Institute of Management.

For the past twelve years, Bruce has been Director of AuStrategies Consulting Network. In that time, he has maintained interest in training and development, human resources management and community consultation and communication, especially as it relates to major organisational, social and cultural change. Bruce has worked extensively throughout Australia and South East Asia with local, state and federal government and private organisations in identifying human resource implications of change associated with work, community and social roles.

Bruce specialises in human resources management, community consultation and communication and has expertise in action research, survey research and analysis, particularly as applied to assessing the implications of infrastructure or social change on organisational and community members.

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