Commonwealth Departments and Agencies

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service   ACT Small Agencies Forum
> Design and deliver tailored Certificate II in Government Program for indigenous trainees
> Operative Development Program for new staff – design and deliver orientation for Certificate III in Government Program
> Assist with review of actions and code of conduct reviews

Strategic planning

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry   AusAID

Staff capacity building strategy and workshops

> Participative work design for a number of work areas
> Facilitated contract renegotiations with large AusAid contract
AusIndustry   Australian Antarctic Division

Customer relationship management skills development 

> Advice and assistance on restructuring
> Development of AWA and classification review
Australian Broadcasting Authority   Australian Bureau of Statistics

Advice on SES performance management

> Senior Executive seminar – key strategic and human resource issues
> Organisational culture focus groups
> Performance management training
> National Middle Management Development Program – design, deliver, evaluate suite of modules nationally
Australian Communications Authority   Australian Customs Service
> Strategic reviews of staffing classifications
> Assist in development of People Management Strategic Plan 2004 – 2006
> Review of Performance Management Scheme
> Development of Equity and Diversity Plan
> Review of graduate recruitment program
> Time management program
Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)   Australian Federal Police

Planning strategy for human resource team

> MBTI sessions for leadership program
> Review and revise fraud control training program
> Review and revise overall competency assessment approach
Australian Protective Service   Australian Public Service Commission
> Development and restructure of Melbourne Airport operations and staffing
> Managing for performance workshops for operations managers
> Leadership training
> Human Resource Management Plan
> Developed approach to the tender process for commercial training products
Australian Securities and Investment Commission   Australian Sports Commission

Time management skills workshops

> Customer Service & Relationship Building workshop
> Professional development workshop for Executive Assistants
Australian Taxation Office   Australian War Memorial
> Representational skills workshop
> Team development services
> Strategic planning
> Numerous development programs including recruitment skills, writing skills and interview techniques, customer service, supervising people
> Manager coaching in facilitation skills and course preparation
> Team development – planning sessions
Centrelink   Child Support Agency
> Strategic planning
> Performance Management training
> Individual development plans
> Business process re-engineering
> Team development
> Learning Needs Analysis for Systems Team
> Customer Service framework
> Orientation workshop
> Team development workshop (Qld)
Civil Aviation Safety Authority   Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
> Team Leadership Program – customised Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management)
> Develop Strategic Learning and Development Plan
> Task analysis for Inspectorate job role
> Provide HR team development advice and workshop
> Strategic negotiation skills workshop
> Preparing for Change / Client Relationship workshop
Communications, Information Technology and the Arts   Defence
> People development strategy
> Team / Project Leader and Supervision Skills workshops
> Life Cycle Capability Management training
> Team development workshops
> Review role of executive support
> Participative business planning
> Internal consultancy skills development
> Career planning and management workshops
> Strategic HR Plan for Defence Materiel Organisation
> Deliver accredited PSTP training
> Major cross-organisation, diagonal slice leadership and team development strategy targeting all middle managers and staff.  In excess of 40 residential programs over 4 years.
Defence Housing Authority   Education, Science and Training
> Australian Workplace Agreements for SES and senior officers
> Strategic approach to HR and HR policies
> Development and negotiation of certified agreement
> Review of role of customer service officers
> Classification review
> Review and revise Performance Development Scheme
> Complaints investigations
> Advise on Executive Performance Development Scheme

Customer service training strategy development and delivery

 Employment and Workplace Relations   Environment Australia
Public administration workshop for managers of government funded services  
> Performance management training
> Review performance development scheme
> Strategic planning
> Staff capacity building strategy and workshops
> Review of actions services

Family and Community Services
Family Court of Australia
> Cross program links planning
> Development of training materials
> Facilitation of numerous strategic planning workshops
> Team development
> Facilitation and report writing support to Ministerial advisory group
> HR Branch planning
> Facilitate inter-Departmental policy discussions

Leadership Development Program using customised short courses, business improvement projects and accredited Graduate Diploma in Management modules

Federal Magistrates Service
Health and Ageing
> Review of workloads, work practices and Classifications
> ‘Values in the Workplace’ session
> Selection and induction training

> Facilitate Health Round Table
> Team development workshop

Health Insurance Commission
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
> National roll-out of performance management training
> Strategy development workshop
> Leadership Development Initiative – design and deliver suite of stand alone modules addressing HIC Leadership Capability Framework
> Business planning
> Tailor and deliver accredited Frontline Management Program for 75 staff over 2 years
> Change management workshops (national roll-out)
> Review and Revise performance management scheme

Development of AWAs

Health and Ageing
Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs
> People management planning
> Team development

Team ‘Health Check’ workshop

Invest Australia
Medibank Private
Whole of organisation relationship management skills workshops
> Front line management training
> Development of area sales management system and related training
> Presentation skills training

Murray-Darling Basin Commission
National Gallery
Corporate Services workshop
Team development services

National Library of Australia
Office of Film and Literature Classification
Preferred provider of development courses in 2003-2004 calendar

Advice on governance arrangements

> Review and redesign performance development scheme
> Performance management training

Office for Government On-Line
Parliament House - Joint House Department
Strategic planning
> Delivery of middle managers program
> Strategic planning services

Royal Australian Mint
Review of position classifications
Train the trainer workshop for staff of the Parliamentary Education Office

Transport and Regional Services
> Australian Workplace Agreements – identified SES conditions and developed options
> Training for facilitators and mentors
> Time management training

> Business Services Certificate  for APS 1-5 staff – integrated series of skills modules 2002 and 2003
> Customer service training for Contracts, Audit & Facilities Management team

Veterans’ Affairs
Wheat Export Authority
> Organisational unit review
> Leading change workshops

Review of classification levels