> Development of an organisation wide Learning and Development Strategy focused on building a work culture and workforce capabilities aligned to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority's future business requirements.

"This Strategy was a critical element of our People Management Strategy. It provided the framework for us to reinvigorate and refocus learning and development within the organisation. The Strategy was based on contemporary learning and development theory and practice, and focused on delivering business outcomes through more effective learning and development interventions.

The outcomes delivered by Results Consulting were excellent. They were particularly adept at developing a strategy which suits the organisation and its challenging environment."

Wendy Morison
General Manager, Human Resource Management

> Develop and negotiate business based terms and conditions of employment for the Defence Housing Authority as part of the Certified Agreement process

"This large scale project helped us to re-shape DHA's approach to people management including building a strong relationship between our people management practices and DHA's business drivers. The project covered all areas of people management and culminated in the successful delivery of a new Certified Agreement for DHA using an innovative approach which ensured significant "buy - in" from our staff representatives and staff. The project was professionally managed and the outcomes achieved exceeded our expectations."

Bob Eames
Manager, Corporate Services

> National roll-out of performance management program for the Health Insurance Commission

"Results Consulting won and successfully delivered a major National training project for the HIC. Their extensive expertise in performance management systems development and application in the public and private sectors was utilised to enable the development and delivery of an effective system for HIC. Participant feedback was extremely positive".

Azra Khan
Manager, Performance Support

> Assistance with a change management process for the Australian Protective Service

"This was always going to be a difficult call, but it was a very necessary undertaking if the APS were to move forward. I knew that the Results consultant had the experience, knowledge and the determination to take on this difficult challenge and see it through. I was very pleased with the achievement."

Martin Studdert
Director APS

> Strategic advice on the interaction of performance management and employment conditions for ACT Department of Urban Services

"I was very happy with the conduct and outcome of the project. The consultant completed the project within the expected time frame and achieved an effective outcome for me."

John Thwaite
Director, Information Planning and Services

> Design and develop skills workshops and conduct individual coaching for a number of areas of the Australian War Memorial

"Results Consulting has conducted training courses for the Australian War Memorial with excellent feedback from participants and with good learning outcomes for the work areas. The courses have been Writing for the Web, Writing for a Purpose, Interviewee Skills, Recruitment and Interviewing Skills and Team Building for a customer service team. The company has also provided individual coaching in writing skills with various levels of staff and the results have been very good as confirmed by managers.

In addition, two Results consultants successfully facilitated a workshop with a team on a sensitive issue where they skilfully achieved the desired outcome for the team and the Memorial."

Ms Sandy Moore
Assistant Manager, People Development

> Develop principles and guidelines for Performance Review and Assessment and conduct workshops for national implementation in Environment Australia

"Results Consulting provided critical assistance for the implementation of our new Performance Management System. Their advice on performance assessment and the material they designed was particularly helpful.

Results Consulting is highly professional, responsive to our needs and generous with their time. They were committed to assisting us achieve a positive outcome and became genuine partners throughout the implementation".

Peter Hansen
Director, Performance and Development

> Design, production, delivery and evaluation of a Treasury Certificate in Business Services

"Results Consulting was flexible in tailoring the program to meet specific Treasury needs. A formal evaluation will be conducted following completion of the first program. Treasury has been impressed with the service provided by Results Consulting."

Val Excel
Human Resources

> Review the classification of several positions in the ACT Legislative Assembly Secretariat

"This project was conducted with the minimum possible disruption to the staff of the positions involved. I was kept informed of the progress and findings and the recommendations of the consultant were accepted and implemented."

Ian Duckworth
Corporate Manager, ACT Legislative Assembly Secretariat

Client Comment